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Our History

AGRICO Group was founded in 1999.

The company implements the strategy of creation of the vertically integrated agro-industrial holding company since the first day of its foundation, and this holding company will accomplish the full production cycle regarding the cultivation, processing, storage and marketing of the agricultural production and the products of its processing.

The enterprises producing agricultural products are located at the base of business framework.
At an early stage of the Group’s development, special attention was paid to the production development of grain and oil-bearing crops being cultivated on the lands of the Krasnodar Region and Stavropol Krai.   

Adoption of leading-edge and new technologies, use of the best seeds, fertilizers and plant protection agents, attention by foreign specialists, such as agronomists, engineers and technicians, contributed to the following: the enterprises of the AGRICO Group of Companies have been consistently ranked on the lists of the largest producers of agricultural products in Russia over the period from 2001 to 2008. Thus, according to the All-Russian Institute of Agrarian Problems and Informatics, named after A.A. Nikonov, of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, LLC Agrofirm Golden Niva entered the top 10 of the largest and the most efficient grain producing enterprises. Besides, LLC Agrofirm Golden Niva and the open joint stock company Rus became members of the club Agro-300 and were recognized as the largest and the most effective agricultural organizations.

In the Krasnodar Region and Stavropol Krai, the Group of Companies possesses the facilities to provide the simultaneous storage of grain in the elevators having capacity of up to 400,000 MT. Having reached the leading positions in crop production, AGRICO proceeded to the next stage of strategy implementation involving the creation of the vertically integrated business structure – the construction of the biggest modern piggery complex in the Southern Federal District.

The first stage of the piggery complex Gvardia in Krasnogvardeysky District of Stavropol Krai was put into operation in September, 2006. It is designed for keeping of 4,000 sows and annual fattening of more than 80,000 pigs. Gvardia became the first piggery complex in Russia within the framework of the implementation of priority national project “Development of agro-industrial complex”.

A feed mill was put into operation in the year 2007 in Krasnogvardeyskoye village of Stavropol Krai as part of own elevator. The feed mill provides the piggery complex with high-quality feed completely.

Putting every new plant into operation adds and streamlines the process chain of production.

In 2007, the company started the implementation of “Vegetable production” project involving the cultivation of potatoes, onions, beets and carrots. Currently, the irrigated land area is 2,000 ha in Krasnogvardeysky District of Stavropol Krai.

In August 2009, a modern vegetable storage complex with capacity of 20,000 MT was put into operation. The equipment for sorting, washing and packaging of vegetable products was installed there.

In September 2010, the AGRICO Group of Companies started up a meat processing plant which is the biggest meat processing plant in the North Caucasus Federal District. The meat processing plant is located in Shturm settlement of Krasnogvardeysky District. Operating at full capacity, it will produce up to 40,000 MT of pork in slaughter weight annually.

In 2011, AGRICO launched its own trademark SEMIDAL onto the market and started to sell branded fresh vegetables through large retail chains.  

In March 2013, the first sites of the second stage of the piggery complex were put into operation; the design capacity of the complex is 270,000 fattening pigs and 13,500 sows.

From the year 2013, AGRICO proceeded to the development of trade direction. In the Moscow Region and Stavropol Krai, it is planned to open company’s chain stores, selling their own meat and vegetable products. At the end of the year 2013, the first stores under one common name SEMIDAL were opened.

In 2016, the second stage of the Pig Farm was completed and put into operation. The total output of the pig farm now amounts to 420,000 heads per year.

In 2017, the development roadmap for the Agro-Industrial Park Stavropolye was developed and approved.

In 2018, the Company began the construction of the Meat Processing Plant within the Regional Industrial Park STAVROPOLYE.