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The Group  possesses warehouse complexes in the Moscow Region, Stavropol Krai and the city of Surgut.
Moscow Region (Reutov town):
·        Warm storage warehouses, medium and low temperature warehouses;
Total area: 15,000 sq.m.
Moscow Region (Lukhovitsy area):
·        Cold storage warehouses having total capacity of 1,500 MT of simultaneous storage of vegetables;
·        Seed storage warehouse with capacity of up to 1,500 MT;
·        Warehouses for long-term potato storage with total capacity of up to 9,000 MT;
Sorting, grading and packaging lines for potatoes, onions and beets with capacity of up to 6 MT per hour are available;
Total area: 11,000 sq.m.
Stavropol Krai (Pregradnoye village):
·        Automated warehouse having temperature control system. Its storage capacity is 20,000 MT now and up to 56,000 MT in the future;
·        Packaging lines for vegetables with capacity of 20 MT per hour, as well as washing, polishing and sorting facilities are available.  Packaging types: plastic bags and net bags with capacity from 1 kg to 25 kg.
City of Surgut (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area):
·        B category versatile warehouse, warm storage warehouses, low temperature cold storage chambers;
 Total area: 23,000 sq.m.