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Commercial Real Estate

·        Trading Center ROSICH in the city of Surgut. It is a modern three-storey trading center which accommodates retail enterprises. There is a wide range of goods and services in the Trading Center. Total area: 12,000 sq.m;
·        Trading Center ROSICH in the city of Kogalym. The Trading Center provides for foodstuff and manufactured goods retail sales. Total area is 4,119 sq.m;
·        Trading complex in the city of Kogalym. A covered consumer goods market, as well as pavilions, warm storage warehouses and cold storage warehouses are located in the territory of the complex. The number of principal lessees of sales areas is about 200, and they are the entrepreneurs dealing with sales of primarily non-food products. Total area: 5,479 sq.m;
·        Covered city market in the city of Kogalym. Trade in foodstuff together with trade in non-food products and services, are provided on the market. Total area: 3,799 sq.m;
·        Office premises in Moscow and Novorossiysk cities.