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  • The farm is located in Pregradnoye village, Krasnogvardeysky District of Stavropol Krai;
  • Irrigated land area is 2,000 ha now and 3,000 in the future;  
  • Automated irrigation system (T-L Center Pivot Irrigation System) includes seventeen sprinklers having radius of 474 m. The area irrigated by one machine is 70.1 ha;
  • The cultivated crops are potatoes, onions, carrots and beets;
  • Harvesters: Grimme, Samon;
  • The vegetables are kept at our own vegetable storage facility having automatic temperature control system and capacity of 20,000 MT now and up to 56,000 MT in the future.  The vegetable storage facility provides sorting, washing and packaging facilities, as well as seed storage.